Marianum Institute

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Bars, Culture, Crafts

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Marianum Institute is a cultural andangest and craft center with a special tourist offer.

Three units operate within the Marianum Veržej Institute: Pension Mavrica, Marijišče and Handicraft Center.

In the heart of Prlekija, not far from Ljutomer, lies on the right bank of the Mura Veržej River. It also gives the place, in its 100-year operation, an important seal of the Salesian home. Marijanišče, who was wanted by donor Anton Puščenjak and was erected by the canon of Maribor, dr. Franc Kovačič, the Salesians developed into a recognizable institution for the education of young people on both sides of the Mura. After the war, despite a different spirit, he remained the center of education that paved the way for modern education in Veržej. Nowadays, the Institute, in the spirit of the founder of the Salesians, Janez Bosko, again developed into a cultural and spiritual and craft center with a special tourist offer.

Three units operate within the Marianum Veržej Institute: Pension Mavrica, Marijišče and Handicraft Center.

Pension offers 26 rooms with two, three and more beds. For better families, some rooms also have tea kitchens, arranged to meet the basic needs of the smallest members, as well as the elderly can heartbreak in peace and refresh themselves. Of course, other rooms also allow you to rest and spend a few days in peace and rest.

joint youth beds for 30 young people and young people at heart in an interesting attic part allow comfortable installation of organized groups where they can carry out their own programs.

For the extra well -being and strengthening of all guests of the rainbow pension, with full board or half board, a great kitchen with Prlek and Prekmurje delicacies is provided.

Café at Kit is a real social corner for conversation and chat with good coffee, a glass of homemade wine or apple juice.

Kovačič Hall with 120 seats and smaller halls (meeting, Don Boskova, Maroševa) with 20-30 seats offer the possibility of lectures, seminars and consultations.

In the basement, there is a casino where you can cheer you up with billiards, table tennis, air hockey, or manual football. The space is suitable for social gatherings late into the night without disturbing others, resting guests.

The surroundings of the institute provides the possibility of recreational and sporting activities. We are especially proud of the newly decorated sustainable garden where you can relax in the natural environment. You can play football, volleyball, basketball on the playgrounds, and you can take the bike along the well -maintained trails along the Prlek and Prekmurje plains or turn into nearby Gorizia.

The excellence of our home is to provide spiritual enrichment in addition to the possibilities for physical vacation or professional training. You can find your inner peace in the house chapel of Mary the Help and refresh yourself spiritually in established worships or original meditations.

neat premises offer groups of first -editions and Burmese, youth and marital groups, and members of various spiritual movements carrying out their own programs. Different spiritual programs for children, young people, spouses, families and adults are being prepared within Marianas, led by the Salesians with the help of animators of the Salesian Youth Center.

Family camp with earthenware and houses are available to groups and families who feel with nature and want to actively spend their free time in a more authentic way.

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