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  1. General provisions
  2. General Terms of Use (hereinafter: Terms of Use) Pages of visitvrzej.si (hereinafter: websites) relate to the terms of use of content on web pages. They represent a legally valid and binding agreement between the Municipality of Veržej, Brotherhood and Unity Street 8, 9241 Veržej (hereinafter: the provider), and every person who visits the website and/or in any way uses the website (hereinafter: the user).

    The Bidder reserves the right to change and/or delete any part of the website without notice. The provider, in order to provide the user with the best possible experience, ensures the permanent updating of the website. The user is aware and agrees that the design and nature of the website occasionally change without prior notice to the user.

    1. Accessibility of website
    2. Websites are generally available 24 hours a day. The Bidder reserves the right to shorten access to web pages for technical reasons. The Bidder also reserves the right to interrupt the access to web pages in cases related to maintenance and / or replacement of equipment. The provider does not guarantee access to web pages in cases of outbursts in networks of internet connection providers or any outbursts, errors and / or other technical disorders or interruptions resulting from third parties inactivity (Internet connection failure, electrical power failure, ...) and in cases of higher forces.

      1. Restrictions on web pages
      2. The Bidder reserves the right to restrict or interrupt access to the content of the Website for each IP address of the user,

        1. age limit and responsibility
        2. There are no age restrictions when using websites. The use of web pages is intended for the user's own use. Other persons or completing forms for other persons is not allowed, for which the user guarantees with full liability and take over passive legitimation in the event of a dispute.

          1. Protecting personal data and cookies
          2. an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions is also the policy of protecting personal data and online cookies policy. The documents are available at the following links: