Terme Banovci

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Bars, Overnight stays, Thermal baths, Wellness


Banovci 1a, 9241 Veržej



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041 588 701



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02 513 14 40

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Where the Pannonian Sea once waved, Today, the springs and the wind tells fairy tales! Experience your fairy tale too.

Terme Banovci are located in the north-west part of Slovenia in Prlekija and offer not only refreshments in thermal water, but many other pleasures suitable for all generations. With pirate adventures for the youngest, with thousands of opportunities for recreation in unspoiled nature for the middle generation, wellness pleasures for those in golden years, and as a dot on i with domestic cuisine for all generations. We offer relaxation and pampering in our wellness, which is located at the attractive boutique hotel Zeleni Grove ***.

We also offer accommodation outside the hotel at the Zeleni Gaj *** hotel settlement. This is a set of friendly houses by the hotel and thermal pools. They offer larger rooms with extra beds and are easily accessible, making them often visiting families.

We also welcome everyone who likes to reside in harmony with nature, in the solar grove camp. The campsite is divided into a textile and nudist part.

The classic campsite has more than 100 in the numbers of camping spaces, equipped with shower and restrooms. Guests also have access to drinking water and picnic sites where they can enjoy campfire.

Camp guests can use pools in the bathing complex of Term.

The Nudist Camp Sun Grove is one of the few European nudist camps that allows its guests to swim in thermal water. It covers more than 50 campsites and is separated from the classic camp.

Beauty and health is home to us, visit our thermal pools, healing massages and Prlek saunas. Stop the time and breathe at the calm pace of the relaxed Prlekija environment. A diverse thermal pools of the Banovo thermal sprout will bend you in your Prlekija fairy tale.

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