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But did you know that there is a fourth generation in Veržej, which makes a daily fresh, quality and delicious ice cream?

ice cream in Veržej and its surroundings has been present for many years, for which the family is happy. It has been spoiling us with its cold sweets since 1962. Many citizens still remember the gentleman on the bike, apologize on a tricycle, with a bell and a large cooling chest at the back of the tricycle. Although their history goes back far back,
Family is happy to take care of day by day that their ice cream is created every time with passion, knowledge and sophisticated taste.

At the very beginning of the sales of ice cream, this was significantly different with the sale today. The ice cream was sold from the tricycle. We had three types of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and strawberries. It was sold mainly in the summer, hot months. The ice cream was prepared in the morning, loaded into an ice spa (previously called cooling chest). The Lord in Bela's work went on a trip to at least two villages a day and circled a week.

The success story did not come from today to tomorrow, but with hard and patient work. With the sale of ice cream and ice cream desserts, they tried in Murska Sobota in many years, but attachment to people and friends weighed the decision to renovate the kiosk and the terrace in Verže.
This happened in the spring of 2008. This year The essential transformation of the foundation of the company has begun, which builds a success story for the future. Today, in modern times, advanced technology and expansion of knowledge on all segments of ice cream preparation, led to not only three flavors, but preparing ice cream in a hundred and one ways and one hundred different flavors. For many years, the pastry shop in Veržej was called "at the park", but when the 3rd generation performed and took over the rehearsals, a minor change occurred. The pastry shop in Veržej was renamed Beis. Why? The initiative came from the founder of the company, who wanted to name the pastry shop after the youngest family member. They say that the name or word beis means more. What exactly means, but ask him yourself, of course with ice cream.

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