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Volunteer Firefighting Society Veržej is a society with a 140 -year tradition.

The beginnings of the Society date back to 1880, when the so -called "fire defense", which had the same goals as today's societies, established themselves. To protect us from natural disasters.

to describe the 140 annual history of the Society is not easy, as there has happened a lot during this time, which marked the society and the place. That is why today let's look and mention only the most important milestones in the history of our society.

In Veržej, before the founding of the association, the so -called fire 0bramba was called. In 1880, however, Veržej's Veržej decided to establish a fire brigade. In 1892, 12 years later, the Slovenian leadership was elected at the general meeting and the Slovene language was introduced to command and thus resisted German influence on people. In the same year, the society was equipped with a transport water pump and a pressure sprayer. Unfortunately, World War I gave a somewhat crippled association of the Society to call most of the members of the Society. After the liberation, the firefighting was offered the opportunity to develop on a voluntary basis. As early as 1937, the Society purchased the elderly, but already one of the first car sprinklers, with its own means.

After the end of World War II, the Society was immediately organized and continued with its work. With the release of the Firefighting Act in 1948, the firefighting was given the true form of a mass organization and became the most numerous organization, so the district firefighting associations were being generated. In 1955, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the Society took over the first fire flag. Due to the spatial distress, the need to expand social spaces was mandatory. On August 4, 1963, newly built premises were also officially taken over their purpose.

Society, which is already operational for 140 years, I welcome you on behalf of all domestic firefighters and firefighters with a firefighting greeting for "Help".

“Where is the style

there is power

in the service of the people

to help ”!