Rautar Farm, Jože Rautar

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Local food, Farm


Ulica Frana Kovačiča 25, 9241 Verže

Mobile phone

041 948 372

Stac. phone

070 879 407

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Point Description

Rautar Farm is a family business with a long tradition.

They are engaged in breeding cattle and meat processing. You can get processed and dry fleshy products daily. The meat they use is local origin, and it is processed with exceptional precision and long -standing knowledge of how to produce the most delicious delicacies for the table.

  • Prlek tradition - tuna meat
  • Homemade meat salami
  • smoked pork meat ribs sausage for cooking
  • A diverse grill (čevapčiči, dancing, gyros, or after replying on prior order)

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