Ecological Farm Rozmaric

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Organic farm Rozmarič lies on the Prlek plain along the last operating mill on the Mura River. The fifth generation of the Rozmaric family resides here in Veržej on the Farm.

All people in this world are connected and if we do each other well, this world is wonderful!

We are predominantly agricultural farm, as as many as 24 hectares of fields cultivate our hardworking hands with the help of a wider family. We embarked on the path of organic farming in 2013, when we decided that we wanted to produce food with sustainable agriculture and thus create the highest quality products. In this way, we provide healthy and quality products and take care of the nature of which we are all. For our products we only use and exclusively our own raw materials produced on the native Prlek Earth.

In the future, we will be more active in the fertility and lurd of soil, especially with the greening and composting that enrich our land, since only healthy and living soil gives birth to quality and healthy crops. We learned a lot about healthy and lives full of Earth, using biodynamic farming methods, as biodynamics associate us with nature biorits that reveal our wisdom.

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