White daffodil or fünkešnica

Radiflorus, such as the professional name of the onion called daffodils, is domestic fünkesnica or also a lock. According to tradition, it was supposed to be named because God wanted to punish bees who also collected honey on Sundays.

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He locked him in daffodils so that just below the stamens made them buns. White daffodils are 20-40 cm high on the stem, and have four gray-green striped leaves. The flower is individually, two -sex and star, six leaves of the flower puffed white, the privenča is a tray and significantly shorter than the dressing, yellow with a red edge.

In the municipality of Veržej we find daffodils in three habitats that are municipal property. They are taken care of by the Veržej Tourist Association with mowing at the appropriate time after the bloom. Narcissus is a protected plant species, so tearing and excavation is criminal. In Veržej, the daffodils, according to tradition, protect from ancient Slavic mythology the resulting dwarf Leščeček, who repels any destroyers. Daffodils are also associated with events organized in Veržej in May -Mošece daffodil and municipal holiday.

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