Natural garden

Fontana Park is intended for socializing and recreation, sustainable garden, herb garden, garden uta and a beehive with a relaxation room are intended for target groups to learn about nature and its processes.

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With the help of a dedicated donation of the Salesian Foundation Vereinigung Don Bosco Werk - Jugendhilfe Weltweit from Switzerland and with his own cartridges of employees and associates of the Marianum Veržej Institute, his surroundings have completely changed in a good year. A tidy sustainable garden invites visitors and guests to see, walk, socialize and chat. The idea, the realization and arrangement of the sustainable garden was coordinated by Marko Štajner, head of the Mavrica Pension. The fountain park is intended for socializing and recreation, the sustainable garden, the herb garden, the garden and the beehive with the relaxation room are intended for target groups to learn about nature and its processes, life with nature and the possibility of workshops in so -called. classroom in nature.

The surface is divided into individual sections that raise people to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining natural wealth and thus enriching the landscape and the natural environment in which we live: planting herbal shafts, organic garden, orchard of tall trees, meadow with apiary.

The garden is arranged as a classroom in nature, where both students, students as well as adult groups and adults can learn about the richness of plants and the power of a sustainable living for a healthy lifestyle.

Since the Marijišče unit, which enables the implementation of spiritual programs operates in the institute, we were also paying attention to this dimension in the installation and planting of the park, so that the participants of the programs in it would find peace and connection with nature in their thinking.

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