Plavček (Blue frog) or Barjan frog

Plavček or Barjanska frog - belongs to the "wound arvalis" family, and is the smallest frog from this family. The main physical characteristics are a pointed muzzle, for the eye mask, and a white-yellow abdomen.

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Her greatest recognition, after which she was named, is the blue color of the male she obtains during the mating. Males, however, are usually smaller than females, body size is 4 to 6 cm, exceptionally 8 cm. They are found on lowland swamp meadows, flood forests along large rivers and with standing waters without fish, such as marshes, dead and lukewarms.

reproduction takes place in early March. Plavček miders due to hormones and adequate outside temperature. The characteristic blue color is durable for only a few days, and then they return to their natural color. The number of blondes decreases immensely, due to the constant interference with the dead and the surroundings of unspoiled nature.

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